Developing innovative solutions within our industry is one of our strengths.

The fastest tool changers and chain magazines

3D Tool Magazine

The space-saving solution for perfect adaptation to the machine. Horizontal and vertically attachable, with and without interchangeable unit.

Scissor change

Thinking around the corner. And nothing bothers the work space. Another advantage, if the crossbar of the portal is not enough, we still get to the spindle!

Meander chain magazine

Meander chain magazines have foldable chain links and curved gearboxes. Therefore, they are true space wonders and can be used in many ways.

Alternating curve gearbox

This patented gearbox is one of the poorest and stiffest of its kind. Dynamics and durability find a harmonious coexistence here.

Quick-change gearbox

With the servo quick-change gearbox, tool weight-specific optimization is possible. Here, the working speed is already fixed by the constructive design of the curve.

And many more

In the field of handling technology and automation, we are constantly finding new solutions to increase the cost-effectiveness for our customers

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