Special solutions for automation technology

Pallet storage including feeder

The pallet storage includes a swivel tower with gripper unit and a loading trolley for manual assembly of the pallets.

We are happy to make adjustments to the size and number of pallets individually for them.

Conveyor and feeding systems

We design, manufacture and assemble conveyor and feeding systems for all industrial sectors such as medical technology, the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries, as well as the automotive industry.

We are specialized in the supply, association and provision of individual components

We can individually adapt our systems to your requirements.

Workpiece change system

At the loading station, workpieces up to 1.2 tons with a diameter of 1150 mm can be clamped and swung through on both sides.

With the swivel arm (swing radius 1.6m) and the traversing unit, these are transported back and forth to the machine for machining.

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