Tool holder and grippers


Available recordings:

Available for different tool types, sizes and weights, as well as in plastic version or as steel clamps

Product examples

Angular pliers mechanically tensioned, hydraulically dissolved

Angular pliers gripper

mechanically tensioned, hydraulically operated

Hook gripper with tool lock

Hook gripper

with tool locking

Parallel toe-grabbing

Parallel toe-grabbing

For simultaneous use of different tool types or tool sizes; hydraulic or servo-operated


Special gripper

Two parallel grippers for short change distance

Quadruple hook gripper

Special gripper

Example: Cutout from a quadruple hook gripper for Capto C6

Quadruple gripper

Special gripper

Quadruple gripper for 2 different tool holders with spring lock

Double gripper

Special gripper

Double gripper system with two self-sufficient grippers for grinding and dressing wheels

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