Ignition transformers


Our ignition transformers are suitable for high-voltage ignition of gas or oil burners. The ignition transformers can also be used on burners with single-electrode operation. The ignition current and the ionization current flow through a common electrode. Our ignition transformers are used by Honeywell among others and correspond to the variants TZI and TGI in their range. Information about the Honeywell ignition transformer

Our ignition transformers


Control line ignition transformer 2

Two-electrode operation

Ignition via ignition electrode

The ignition transformer TGI is supplied with voltage by the gas combustion machine IFD 258. The ignition transformer generates a high voltage. The high voltage creates ignition sparks between the ignition electrode and the burner mass. After the burner start, the current flows through the ionization electrode for flame monitoring.

Control line ignition transformer

Single-electrode operation

Ignition via an ignition and ionization electrode

After the burner start, a current flows over the same electrode, which is also used for ignition, to monitor the flames.

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