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"We are delighted to announce to our customers, employees and suppliers that we have established a new business unit and a strong partnership in the field of power supplies during these difficult times. In the future, ktc GmbH will offer customer-specific solutions in the field of transformers and will produce and distribute the transformers of the Frei brand."

Maximilian Schiek
Maximilian Schiek
Managing Director ktc GmbH - 01.07.2020
Netzgerät ktc gmbh Transformatoren Trafos und Steuertrafos

power supplies

Robust and long-sleeved one- and three-phase power supplies. In standard or as a customer-specific special solution. Optionally available with AC outputs or fuse elements.

Einphasentransformator, Steuertrafo und Sicherheitstrafo

Single-phase transformers

Our single-phase transformers are characterized by particularly high flexibility for sepzifish customer requirements.

Zündtrafo, Zündtrasnformator

Ignition transformers

Our ignition transformers are suitable for high-voltage ignition of gas or oil burners. They are characterized by a very robust construction and are very reliable, especially in high temperature ranges.

Trafo mit UL Zulassung, UL Zulassung für Transformatoren

UL Transformers

UL transformers meet the highest international requirements. and garnish regular production monitoring, as well as certified equipment safety.

Drehstromtransformator, Transformatoren Trafos und Steuertrafos

Three-phase transformers

With a patented welding process, three-phase transformers can be efficiently manufactured in a lying or standing design

Ringkerntrafo und Wickelgüter für Stromversorgung

Winding goods and toroidal transformers

On state-of-the-art winding machines, we are able to manufacture winding goods of all specifications, chokes, coils, ready-made transformers or current transformers for them

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