An entire world of efficient tool change.

Traditionally progressive.

More than four decades of experience are the basis of our expertise. This, together with innovative spirit and customer orientation, is the basis of our success.

Automatic tool changers make a significant contribution to efficient machine usage. At ktc we attach particular importance to:

  • absolute reliability
  • high-quality technical design
  • short change times
  • modular construction
  • service friendliness
  • optimum installation conditions
  • clearly defined interfaces

Since 1973, we have produced several thousand magazines and handling devices for more than 150 machine manufacturers. Depending on our customers' needs, we handle the planning, development, design, production, installation, commissioning and service of workpiece and tool change systems. We produce tool changers in numerous of sizes and versions for the most diverse applications. At the same time, we constantly take into account the optimum installation conditions of your machine, possible collision contours, the clamping range and the work area.

Our range comprises chain and drum magazines with complete change units or pick-up systems, and also shelf and tower magazines. We do of course also supply individual components such as gripper units, tool holders or change units for the completion of existing assemblies.

Tell us what you need. It will be our pleasure to prepare specific installation proposals and an individual quotation.

Tool change system

A tool change system comprises primarily a magazine and a change unit with gripper.

Tool change systems can be used for any machine types. The change units are suitable for loading tools into vertical, horizontal and combined spindle bearings, even for several spindles at the same time. The magazines are capable of accommodating numerous tool types and tool sizes, even in combination if required. They are designed as

  • disc magazines or wheel magazines
  • chain magazines
  • rack magazines
  • tower magazines

by ktc Handhabungstechnik GmbH.

Pick-up magazines (without change unit)

Pick-up magazines are an alternative solution to the tool change systems. They are usually very compact, more cost-effective than tool change systems and are the ideal solution for multi-spindle machine tools.