An entire world of efficient tool change.

Rack systems

We offer every possible version of rack system.

  • Handling of large tool quantities and highly diverse tools
  • modular expansion
  • loading during machining


Single row rack system

Executed here with three rows of combs, arranged above one other, in which the tools are accommodated vertically suspended. A manual loading/rotary feedthrough, which accommodates six tools (3 x SK50 and 3 x HSK-A63), is integrated. A parallel pincer gripper, which loads the tools into vertical and horizontal spindles, serves as a change unit.


ATC 192 / 150 x SK50 + 42 x HSK-A63 R - GF, V

Magazine capacity

150 x SK50 + 42 x HSK-A63

Tool weight

35 kg at SK50, 15 kg at HSK-63

Tool length

max. 700 mm

Tool diameter

max. 130 mm

Double row rack system

Double row rack system with four comb rails arranged above one other. The tools are retained vertically suspended on the tool group by retaining clamps.

The tools are "managed" in the rack via a multi-axis manipulator and transferred to a vertical machine spindle by a double gripper.


ATC 200 / HSK-A63 R - GF, V

Magazine capacity

200 pockets

Tool weight

max. 12 kg

Tool length

max. 400 mm

Distance between tools in the rack

200 mm