An entire world of efficient tool change.

Change system for tools and workpieces

We offer workpiece and tool change systems for handling workpieces or tools or both.

Magazine capacity

20 pockets

Workpiece length

max. 300 mm

Workpiece diameter

max. 245 mm

Workpiece weight

max. 50 kg

Moment of tilt

max. 150 Nm

Workpiece and tool change system

Workpiece change (1:1 changer)
max. diameter

550 mm

Max. length

500 mm

Max. weight

100 kg


Tail stock with heel

Change unit with double gripper and linear unit

Tool change

50 pockets HSK-A63, modular expansion to 97 and 144

Max. diameter

140 mm

Max. length

350 mm

Max. weight

10 kg