Data protection

Keeping your data secure is important to us. Therefore, we use and store your personal data only under the terms of the Federal Data Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Data collection and processing

Every visit to our web pages and every launch of a file stored on this website are logged. This data is stored for internal, system-related and statistical purposes. The following data are logged: Name of the launched file, date and time it was launched, transferred data volume, notification of successful launch, web browser and requested domain. The IP addresses of the polling computers are also logged. Further personal data are recorded only if the website user and/or the customer has provided information voluntarily, as part of an enquiry or registration, for example, or to conclude a contract or about their browser settings.

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a text file. It is sent when a website is visited and cached on the hard drive of the website user and/or the customer. If the corresponding server of our website is called again by the website user or customer, the browser of the website user and/or the customer will return the previously received cookie to the server. The server can then evaluate the information received through this procedure in various ways. For example, cookies are able to control advertising overlays or make it easier to navigation through a website. If the website user and/or the customer wishes to stop the use of cookies, they can do so by making local changes to the Internet browser used on their computer, i.e. by opening the program and displaying websites (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari).

Use and passing on of personal data

Insofar as the user of our website has provided personal data, we shall use such data only to answer enquiries of the website user and/or customer, to implement contracts concluded with the website user and/or customer and for technical administration purposes. We shall pass on or otherwise transmit personal data only if this is required for the purposes of contract implementation or for computation purposes, or if the website user and/or customer has given their prior consent. The website user and/or customer shall be entitled to revoke their consent at any time with effect for the future.

Stored personal data will be deleted if the website user and/or customer has revoked their consent to data being stored, if their knowledge is no longer essential to fulfilment of the purpose pursued by storing such data, or if such storage is not permitted for other legal reasons. Data for computing or accounting purposes will not be affected by a demand for deletion.

Right to information

Upon written request, we shall inform the website user and/or customer about the storage of their personal data. The request must be sent to the address indicated in the Company details on the website.